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Precipitation Monitoring - WAAC and the Adams County Conservation District received funding through the Hoffman Trust to distribute rain gauges around Adams County. The purpose of the project is for volunteers to collect needed precipiation data to create accurate water budgets in the county. We need more volunteers. To see the data that is already being collected, visit and click on Adams County.

Some relief for a dry spring

Below normal rainfall in June continued through July, with 10 stations reporting 0.52 inches below normal in just the first 10 days of July. In the 10-day period from July 11 to July 20, stations recorded a cumulative average of 0.16 versus an expected normal precipitation of 1.06.

From June 1 to July 20, the cumulative average rain (3.24”) of rain was less than half the expected 6.49” total for this period.

In the first 10 days of August rains exceeded their historical average by 2.44 inches, effectively offsetting the 2.59 inch deficit for the YTD.

But September returned to dry, and by Sept. 20 Adams County was over an inch in deficit relative to historical normals.

Adams County Precip week ending:

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