Current Projects

Precipitation Monitoring - WAAC and the Adams County Conservation District received funding through the Hoffman Trust to distribute rain gauges around Adams County. The purpose of the project is for volunteers to collect needed precipiation data to create accurate water budgets in the county. We need more volunteers. To see the data that is already being collected, visit and click on Adams County. To see Adams County's Precipiation Departure from normal, visit

Adams County Precip week ending:

Ground Water Monitoring - WAAC purchased equipment to monitor the depth to water from the surface in vacant ground water wells throughout the Adams County. If you have a well that you are not using, we may be able to use it for our study. To see the data, visit

Staff Gauge Project- In 2010, WAAC invited members to participate in a training at Strawberry Nature Preserve to learn how to measure stream flows through staff gage monitoring.  After the training, the volunteers began setting up staff gauges and starting taking the periodic measurements needed.  The purppose of this program is to gather low flow data around the Adams County. If you are interested in monitoring the low flow in your stream, please contact WAAC to see how you can help.   

Real-time Stream Gauge Project-
The Watershed Alliance of Adams County received funding from the PA Department of Environmental Protection's Growing Greener Prgram and PA Department of Community and Economic Development to install, operate and maintain a conituous real-time stream gauge on the Conewago Creek near East Berlin. The stream gauge collects data on stream height and discharge in cubic feet per second (cfs). Data collected can be used in the development of a water budget for the Conewago Creek Watershed and any future water studies.